Opinion from Lord Digby Jones, 2010

Getting Serious!

Published Friday 25 June, 2010

At last! UK Business can hold its head up around the World and say "we're still very much open for business"! A big sign went up over the UK this week making it clear that "someone is doing something about it"!

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The Chancellor’s Big Chance

Published Thursday 17 June, 2010

At the end of May, the Prime Minister, whilst visiting Yorkshire, delivered his first major speech since the General Election.

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BP - Who’s Really to Blame?

Published Tuesday 8 June, 2010

I watch the unfolding drama in the Gulf of Mexico with a growing sense of frustrated unfairness. But are BP totally and solely to blame?

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Final call for Trade Unions

Published Thursday 3 June, 2010

Back in 2006 I gave a speech to the Scottish CBI when I was Director-General. In it, I encouraged the Trade Unions to get on the page of the 21st Century.

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Business and a Coalition Government

Published Monday 17 May, 2010

So now the hard work starts. All the pomp and circumstance, the headlines, the angst, the teddy-throwing and the love-ins are over and undertaking the hard yards starts.

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Now it’s just the voter that counts

Published Wednesday 5 May, 2010

So the closest, most interesting General election campaign for years draws to its nail biting close. No more gaffes, no more surprises, no more X-Factor style "Strictly Come Electioneering".

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A Changing Market – Digby and Shirlaws

Published Thursday 29 April, 2010

Lord Digby Jones joins Shirlaws Business Coaching for the first of several events planned in the UK. The topic, Changing Market, emphasizes the need to "trade our way out of the current economic malaise".

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We don't make things any more? Oh, yes we do!

Published Monday 26 April, 2010

Two Leadership Debates down, one to go … and lots of talk and promises about jobs and growth, but not a word, not one syllable, about how we are going to trade our way out of this mess, how we are going to earn our living as a Nation.

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So they're under starter's orders!

Published Friday 16 April, 2010

Over the next few days parliamentary business will be brought to an end; manifestos will be printed;

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Where are the real issues?

Published Friday 16 April, 2010

So the Prospectuses are out; the written promises are made. Do they actually matter? Will they actually make a difference?

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