Opinion from Lord Digby Jones

Strike a Blow for Freedom

Published Monday 8 August, 2016

There is something afoot my friends! In the bowels of democratic capitalism, all over the developed world, the people are on the move. Ignored by elites for decades; fed up of being told that, in true Panglossian fashion, everything is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds;

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Behave in a way that enables people to be proud of business ….

Published Tuesday 26 July, 2016

British business finds itself in the dock today because of the collapse of BHS and the behaviour of Sir Philip Green, but the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’, as MPs described it, does not mean that capitalism is to blame.

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Our Country is made for globalization

Published Thursday 21 July, 2016

"Our Country is made for globalisation"; when I was Minister of State for Trade and Investment I would repeat these words at every opportunity; I even heard the Prime Minister at the time, Gordon Brown, use them in a speech or two as well.

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Well my friends....a Brave New Morning!

Published Friday 24 June, 2016

The ordinary Brit has looked the Global Establishment Elite (be they from politics, business, trades unions or the media) squarely in the face and said "my democratic freedom is not for sale".

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"I understand your concerns but............"

Published Tuesday 21 June, 2016

There are few sights more likely to stoke up the feeling amongst the UK Electorate that they "have had enough", that they "are being ignored", that "no-one understands nor cares" than a fully paid-up member of the Establishment Elite, be he or she a politician cosy in their London constituency or expenses-paid Westminster office, or a CEO or Chairman of Big Business cosy in assured Route One access and influence to those who make the rules, or a TUC grandee nestling into Transport House's comfort zone (let alone an unaccountable, unelected Brussels Panjandrum threatening "punishment" or being "cut adrift") patronisingly, in a "there there" sort of way, saying that they understand about fears around immigration, about the disconnect between the representatives and the represented, about loss of sovereignty BUT..............

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The Art of Winning

Published Wednesday 8 June, 2016

I am writing this in the warm glow of a gorgeous Summer's evening, on the terrace at home looking down a lush green garden (a lot of rain in May saw to that!) with a glass of cool, golden Thatcher's Cider to hand; interest declared....I chair the Company!

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Why I am Voting to Leave the EU

Published Tuesday 3 May, 2016

There are 56 words in the Lords Prayer. The Ten Commandments took 297 words to encapsulate a Code for Life. The Founding Fathers of the USA took 1300 words to write The Declaration of Independence. Can someone please explain to me why it takes 27,000 (!!!) words to write the EU Directive on Duck Eggs??!!

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Oh for ten engineers to fall out of the sky like manna from heaven!

Published Thursday 18 February, 2016

Along with thousands of businesses in the UK, small and large, one of the companies I chair can't get enough skilled people. Oh for ten engineers to fall out of the sky like manna from heaven!

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Off with their heads!

Published Wednesday 10 February, 2016

If you wanted to open a savings account in Tokyo with 1,000 yen in it today – no risk, just a deposit – you might be startled at your return. In a year, they would give you back 998 yen: less than what you started with. That’s because the world’s third largest economy has negative interest rates. In effect, in Japan, you’re better off stuffing your cash under the mattress.

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"A kinder, more gentle type of politics"

Published Tuesday 12 January, 2016

It was a wintry evening in North Wales; I was speaking at a Rotary Dinner. The type of venue and audience profile with whom I have shared ideas and thoughts a thousand times over the years. I am pleased that what I have to say tends to stimulate a reaction, positive and negative.

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