Hey! BBC! Give Business a Chance!

I have never written to the Director-General of the BBC before (other than to thank him for dinner!) but last week saw me do just that. I became a complainer to the Beeb!
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Cameron Goes Global!

The USA, Turkey and India all in a few days for the PM… great stuff! Read More

Ringfencing – what does it all amount to?

Before the General Election (and some would say, and perish the thought, in order to get elected!) the Conservatives promised that amongst all the cuts in public spending that would have to be made, ring-fencing would apply to both the NHS and Overseas Aid.
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Getting Serious!

At last! UK Business can hold its head up around the World and say “we’re still very much open for business”! A big sign went up over the UK this week making it clear that “someone is doing something about it”!
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The Chancellor’s Big Chance

At the end of May, the Prime Minister, whilst visiting Yorkshire, delivered his first major speech since the General Election. Read More

BP – Who’s Really to Blame?

I watch the unfolding drama in the Gulf of Mexico with a growing sense of frustrated unfairness.
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Final call for Trade Unions

Back in 2006 I gave a speech to the Scottish CBI when I was Director-General. In it, I encouraged the Trade Unions to get on the page of the 21st Century. Read More