Fixing Business: Making Profitable Business Work for the Good of All

With society at a crossroads, Fixing Business: Making Profitable Business Work for the Good of All is an optimistic call to action for business leaders and decision makers everywhere.

In it, Lord Digby Jones ‘The Face of British Business’, shows us why profit isn’t a dirty word but an important part of socially inclusive wealth creation to improve every aspect of our society.

From the smallest corner shop to the largest multinational corporation, the variable upon which every facet of business success rests is its people. Workers, investors, customers, creditors—all ensure that wealth is created and, at the end of the day, they are what business is about. This new book shows organisations how to harness the power of their people to change the world and create a vibrant and successful, profit-yielding, tax-delivering, job-creating sector.

Readers will learn:

  • why business must invest more—and better—in physical and human infrastructure
  • the critical importance of social inclusion in the future of business
  • why fixing education and the environment are at the top of the priority list
  • how to engage with every aspect of society to create the wealth that holds the social fabric together

Through the course of the book, Lord Jones looks at where the battle is being lost and how to fix the reputation of business, how to achieve socially inclusive wealth creation and how to harness the power of education, training and skills. He also explains why protecting the environment should be an essential priority and examines executive pay and the gulf between big and small business.

Finally, he considers how to deal with a post-Brexit world and asks what life after Brexit will be like.

In a globally-competitive business environment business must succeed in its wealth creation like never before. It must invest more, and better, in its infrastructure. So must Government. Without the wealth which is created by businesses, there are no jobs at all (private or public sector), no taxation and little or no societal fabric. That is how important business is.

Fixing Business will be available in hardcover and e-book priced £18.99