Another institutional name to disappear

Reflecting on Kraft’s agreed bid for Cadbury – Lord Digby Jones said:

It will be a very sad day in many ways when Cadbury becomes a mere part of an American food empire. With Cadbury’s iconic brands and their staggering global reach and reputation, Kraft probably needs Cadbury more than Cadbury needs Kraft.

Capitalism is about more than making money; it must be about reaching out to the communities that business effects by its actions, looking after its employees and its environs. Cadbury epitomises all of that. It is an exemplar for socially inclusive wealth creation.

Will Kraft meet that challenge? Will they step up to that plate? Will they be able to maximise the Cadbury brand, which means fulfilling their duty to the people who built it, by effecting cuts across the Kraft empire to pay down the huge debt they have incurred to pay for it?

A cultural reverse take over of Kraft by Cadbury? I wouldn’t bet against it!