Changing the Country’s attitude for ever

Lord Digby Jones recently spoke at The Manufacturer of the Year Awards to 400 senior management from some of the UKs most successful companies.

“The UK will only get itself out of this economic mess if it trades its way out and sells its goods around the World. That means manufacturing!

We must rebalance our economy to ensure that making things which sell on innovation and brand, on adding value and quality, is high up the Nation’s agenda.

That means it is essential we have an education system which delivers into the World of work young people who want to build careers in manufacturing with the skills and the mind set to do so. That means encouraging businesses around the Country to liaise with their local School and introduce teenagers to the fascinating and worthwhile activity in our vibrant and successful manufacturing sector. There has never been a better time to change this Country’s attitude for ever. It is up to Business to accept the challenge.“