Current thoughts on the EU Referendum

The immigration issue is, of course, important but whether or not a chap from Latvia gets six grand a year of in-work benefits is surely not what the real issue about EU immigration is about. Why is UK business losing global competitiveness through a lack of access to skilled labour from around the globe because of too much immigration from the EU?

520 million people living in sustainable peace for over 70 years deserve better from a self-serving, unaccountable, unelected Brussels elite, distanced by far more than kilometres from those affected by their rules and regulations. We MUST have a Europe which is globally competitive in Asia’s Century. Where is the committed reform to make life easier for a small business-woman trying to employ one extra person? Where is the skilling up of the Southern European youth so they are marketable and welcome in Northern Europe or can contribute to and enjoy economic success at home? If they carry on exporting CAP-subsidised olives and importing BMWs they will continue to go bust!

What’s on offer isn’t the Reform that this once-in-a-lifetime Referendum opportunity warrants. It might appeal to gut political instinct but surely we all deserve better than this.