Digby Launches Technology Apprenticeship Scheme

With National Apprenticeship Week running from 6– 10 February 2012, Lord Digby Jones has stepped up to the mark and put his ‘money where his mouth is’.

As Chairman of Birmingham-based technology company NeutrinoBI, Digby announced the launched of the company’s Apprenticeship Scheme in partnership with Bournville College and NeutrinoBI’s first young apprentice.

Speaking at the launch on the 3rd February 2012 Digby said, “The only way Britain will continue to thrive in ‘Asia’s century’ is by safeguarding its future workforce through training. My Chairmanship of NeutrinoBI is testament to my belief that knowledge-based work is the way forward for Britain. We have home-grown world-class skills we should be nurturing and exploiting and this company is no exception. In order to ensure our country matches the long-term vision of our international competitors, NeutrinoBI set out as a first principle to bring apprentices on board as soon as possible and I am thrilled to be able to introduce today, not only its ‘world-first’ freeform BI search technology but also its first apprentice.”

Alongside Digby for the launch of the scheme was NeutrinoBI’s first young apprentice, Sonia Younas, a student at Bournville College for two years. She said, “I know that if I am to use the skills I am acquiring at college in the workplace, I need first hand experience. Competition for jobs is extremely high and so ‘on-the-job’ experience is essential to stand out from the crowd. I am thrilled to have been accepted on the NeutrinoBI apprenticeship scheme and look forward to working with the team.”