Digby’s World Cup draw

Lord Digby Jones attended the World Cup Draw in Cape Town. During the day he spoke to business leaders at a UKTI Breakfast about the importance of Sport in maximising the talent of young people the world over. “So many lessons can be learnt,” he said, ” by the Business Community in leadership, preparation and execution from the sports world.”

“A safer world is one where the young feel they have a skill, a talent, that equips them to deal with the slings and arrows of globalisation and makes them realise they have something to lose. Business needs an engaged and skilled younger generation and

Governments the world over need a successful wealth-creative sector if revenue is to be generated to pay down global debt …. this will only be fixed by trading our way out and that will be impossible without the younger generation getting on the page; Sport is a wonderful route to help them start that journey and it is a privilege to be here in such an important city at such an important time to make a small contribution to that goal.”