An unpublished Letter to the Times on 7/11/16

The GRS (Great Remain Sulk) goes on!

Parliamentarians in both Houses who are Remainers form the  vast majority there but they are in the minority in the Country. They aim “to respect the Will of the People” by agreeing to a (delayed as far as possible) Brexit but in hobbled fashion (forcing the Government to show its negotiation hand fatally early) and by achieving an end-result of EU-lite by staying in the Single Market.

The British people did not vote for continued submission to the European Court of Justice, continued submission to Brussels-originated regulation and continued submission to the EU principle of Free Movement of Labour. All three come with continued membership of the Single Market, aka Soft Brexit.

MPs are not on the Electorate’s Christmas card list at the best of times; the Lords find it increasingly difficult to justify to the Electorate its existence in its present form. Parliament will do well to remember that their Sovereignty comes from the Electorate;  indulging its own wishes is Route One to putting that compact at risk.