Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher dies, aged 87

One of the Titans of the Twentieth Century. She made the political weather. She put the “”Great ” back in “Great Britain”. But she was always on the side of the individual, the person (regardless of class, colour or creed) who wanted to better themselves. Being able to buy your own home from the Council, owning a few shares in BG or BT, exercising choice; that is what Margaret Thatcher was about.

She set the business environment free; she gave a dictator a bloody nose; she freed up the individual from the undemocratic grasp of unrepresentative trades unionism; she changed a Nation and very few people can say that about their time on this Earth.

It’s a shame she didn’t deliver the 1987 Election Victory and then set about handing over the reins. But then, as Enoch Powell said, all political careers end in failure.

Lord Digby Jones