Freedom Isn’t Free

From Trafalgar’s seas to Blenheim’s fields
From Agincourt to Biggin Hill
Our Blood, Our Own, never yields,
They’ve swallowed every bitter pill.

From the stinking mud of Passchendale
To the horror of Dunkirk’s sands,
Our Blood, Our Own, never fail
To answer the call from far-off lands.

From Imjin River to Wireless Ridge
From Oman to Afghanistan,
From every hill to every bridge
Has fought Our Blood, Our Own – every man.

They’ve helped make our World a better place;
But, in Freedom’s name, they won’t be here.
They’ve given their all so we can face
Tomorrow without a dreaded fear.

You see, Freedom comes at a price like this,
Paid by the injured and the gone.
So we now pay our debt; we will not miss
This chance to honour Our Blood, Our Own.