Nuclear power to the people

Speaking ahead of his speech at the American Nuclear Society 2009 Utility Working Conference “Back to the Future” in Amelia Island, Florida, Lord Digby Jones said:

” There cannot be many more issues of long term importance to us all than energy generation and energy security.

The United States is in such a vital position to make a difference … It can use its huge resources of brain power and cash to move its transport and energy generation sectors to systems which not only clean up the planet, but make the country so much less reliant on other countries in sensitive parts of the world.

Nuclear power is an essential part of the mix going forward. Of course, the true cost of waste disposal should be acknowledged and factored in but the anti nuclear lobby should not be allowed to prevent the enormous benefits of nuclear power to reach hundreds of millions of people.

As a key member of the 21st century club of wind, solar, tide, clean coal, oil and gas nuclear has a future vital to all our interests.”