Where are the real issues?

So the Prospectuses are out; the written promises are made.
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The fight BA must not lose

British Airways is one of the most importantly visible promoters of the UK brand in the world. Exporting manufacturers, media organisations, universities, sportsmen and women, politicians Read More

The World’s 5th largest economy and yet …

Averaging out currency vagaries, the UK is the 5th largest economy on Earth; and yet …
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Leading the way to recovery

Lord Digby Jones addressed over 200 foreign exchange traders and other financial services experts at a Forum at the Bloomberg Auditorium in London. Read More

Goodbye and good riddance to 2009

“Business has never been more needed in our societies than in the year ahead” said Lord Digby Jones as the world said goodbye and good riddance to 2009.
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Creating wealth in our society

The CBI meet this week against a backdrop of its members emerging from the most difficult year for business since the second world war.
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