“A kinder, more gentle type of politics”

It was a wintry evening in North Wales; I was speaking at a Rotary Dinner. The type of venue and audience profile with whom I have shared ideas and thoughts a thousand times over the years. I am pleased that what I have to say tends to stimulate a reaction, positive and negative. Many folk approach me afterwards with their view on where they agree or disagree with me. This particular November evening was no different.
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Confidence….by the bucket load!

It’s a recipe for confidence: Read More

Drawing Parallels

At this point in time, I am moved to make some observations and draw some parallels that may seem different and strange but are, for all that, very real and may be of use in business, political or personal situations.
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Facing The Problem

To my mind the biggest problem we face is a medium-to-long term one that, by its very nature, can always be put off til tomorrow……..and that particular day, as we all know, never comes. What is it?
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Reform for the House of Lords?

I know some will find it difficult to believe, but Peers of the Realm do not spend their languid days kitted out in questionable lingerie, quaffing champagne and snorting cocaine off the nether regions of ladies of negotiable availability.
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Relative Decline

Whether it’s business, sport or politics one of the greatest dangers to continued and sustainable success is when those in charge, Read More

My Post Election Offering

As I pen this, the sun is shining on a chilly but bright Sunday in May. The media (print, TV, radio and social) is awash with the impact, fall-out, personal narrative, consequences and views following the cataclysmic events of the UK General Election just a few days ago on Thursday 7th May 2015.
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