So they’re under starter’s orders!

Over the next few days parliamentary business will be brought to an end; manifestos will be printed; MPs become mere candidates.

And then next week … they’re off!

6th May here we come!

I hope that every single businessman and woman in the country spends every available moment over the General Election campaign to put business, the creating of wealth and jobs, at the heart of the debate.

We are going to hear so much about spending. Cutting it, delaying cutting it, ringfencing cutting it, increasing it even! Why are we not going to hear about earning the stuff in the first place?

If it wasn’t for business there wouldn’t be any public spending at all! Because there wouldn’t be any tax. Only business generates taxation. The profit business makes goes to shareholders (who pay tax on it) or is retained in the business (which pays tax on it) or it is used to pay people (who pay tax on it) .

No business … No tax

No tax … No public sector.

So I just hope that over the next four weeks we see and hear politicians standing up for business, promising a government that will work with the groove of making money, not running scared of the blindingly obvious.

Sadly … I won’t be holding my breath.