Well my friends…a Brave New Morning!

The ordinary Brit has looked the Global Establishment Elite (be they from politics, business, trades unions or the media) squarely in the face and said “my democratic freedom is not for sale”.

At the last, that is what yesterday was all about. The ability to elect and/or kick out those who make the rules that affect our lives and a revolution against the patronising “Nanny Knows Best” brigade. From Trades Unions to Big Business, from overseas leaders promising “punishment” and “isolation” to domestic politicians in their Westminster Bubble so far removed from the woman or man in the street it is almost painful to watch, they have been told democracy is not for sale to threats of economic Armageddon.

Memo to those who seek to govern: if you patronise electorates for over forty years, deny them a say and tell them there isn’t a problem, don’t be surprised when, at the first opportunity, they tell you the Emperor has no clothes and they give you a bloody nose!

My feeling of joy, the sense of freedom that is coursing through me, is tempered to an enormous extent with a sense of responsibility. Ŵe must all now make the most of our new freedom.

The Prime Minister has behaved characteristically honourably and will steady the political ship before leaving the steering to another; the Governor of the Bank of England has implemented the contingency plans already prepared; the markets are already rebalancing (and if you are selling into a dollar-based economy ……. Have a Nice Day!).

The British People will demand no dragging of feet and there should be none. In the meantime it must be “Business as Usual”, especially with our EU friends and partners. It is in the interests of businesses on both sides of the Channel for a new set of rules to be agreed soonest, and for them merely to continue the present trading situation. That message should be shouted loudly from the rooftops every day and by UK businesses to their customers and suppliers in the EU….starting today!

We must redouble our efforts to make a reality of globalisation; our market (including the ability to make trade a force for wealth-generating good in the Developing World) is now truly the World. Go for it!

We are not alone; we are now truly part of a globalised economy where the fifth biggest economy on Earth can make its own decisions in its own interests. From quality, skills-based immigration to the supremacy of our Judges, from our secret individual vote really meaning something to no longer belonging to a corrupt, unaccountable, undemocratic monolith, the British Electorate handed (by more than a tiny majority and on a handsome turn-out as well) the British People, British Business and our friends and partners all over the World an oyster…………

………whether we take the pearl out of it is down to everyone of us.