You can stop this appalling situation, Home Secretary

Yet another British subject is about to be badly let down by our Government. Lifted from the security of their home in our Country, they will be imprisoned in America with no bail, with no right to costs for their defence even if they are acquitted, subjected to enormous pressure to plea bargain (the only way to guarantee an early return home), facing a sentence of decades in a maximum security prison (no parole for aliens) …… Being treated as guilty rather than innocent until proven such …… and those elected to ensure our security, of all parties, will stand idly by and watch it all happen, do nothing and justify their disgraceful inaction with the assurance “they will receive a fair trial”; it will never get to trial; yet another British citizen will plead guilty merely to end the hell they’re living and our politicians will say ” see, they did it, they pleaded guilty”.

You can stop this appalling situation Home Secretary; all it takes is the will. Don’t blame the Americans blame our anti-business politicians, careless with their power and ignorant of the law of unintended consequences.