Your vote has never mattered more

Unless you were, say, fifteen or over in 1979 (so that would make you turning fifty today) you have no idea about what happens to this Country when you let Socialists get their fingers in the cookie jar.

Everyone (except the capitalist enemy, wealth-creating business) can have prizes:

– no increase in the retirement age (so precisely who is going to pay for a getting-older Society?)

– no University tuition fees (so a low-paid worker’s taxes pay for someone to attend a degree course in basket-weaving!)

– execute the Marxist/Stalinist dream of nationalising water, electricity and railways (for starters) so management moves to the floor of the House of Commons and the absence of competition, the tribal political imperative and the taking root of inefficiency leads to little investment (of taxpayers’ money remember) and operating losses paid for by…….the taxpayer.

– the fat cats have their tax rates jacked up. The filthy rich (that’s a Head of a Comprehensive earning £120,000 pa or a quality overseas saleswoman exploiting export markets for a British manufacturer earning, with commission, £90,000 a year) and all businesses are smacked with a huge increase in tax. So they do one (or all) of four things:-

– stop investing in kit and people, because they frankly can’t afford it, and quickly become less competitive

– stop employing people (the Socialists have taken the money that would have been spent on wages)

– pay lawyers and accountants to create legal ways of avoiding the tax increases

– leave the UK and go and create wealth and jobs in a Country that says “You’re Welcome” and shows by policies that it’s meant

– shed loads of other people’s money is spent on unreformed public services leading to a demand for even more money the following year

So let me tell our 45 year old (let alone the 18 year old voting for the first time on 8th June) what then happens:-

– the tax-take ( not to be confused with the tax rates, which will be at an all-time high in peacetime) will drop so tax rates for everyone will have to increase, with a disproportionate burden being imposed on the poorer who can’t leave the Country and have no choice

– the flight of capital from the Country can only be stopped with the imposition of Exchange Controls. Welcome to Third-World behaviour

– with the plummeting value of sterling, rising unemployment, emigration of talent and business, a lack of overseas investment and rampant inflation, the International Monetary Fund steps in and starts running the Country

– the IMF starts bossing the Government. Cuts in public spending (……..some people might call it “austerity”) follow as a condition of a bail-out and the puppet masters of the Socialist Government, the Trade Unions, don’t like that at all and strike. They can’t hurt the private sector much since, in the globally-competitive world of Asia’s Century, there isn’t much of it left here; it’s creating jobs and paying tax elsewhere. They go after the public sector: the water, the electricity, the railways, the hospitals, the schools; life for those who voted for the Socialists to run this Country becomes intolerable. It suddenly becomes obvious they have run the Country…….into the ground!

Add to all of that the facts that

– the most important negotiation our Country has faced since 1945 will be in the hands of people who have never, ever had to take a governmental decision in their lives;

– our foreign policy will be formulated by people who openly dislike (I put it mildly) our most important ally and largest trading and investing partner

– dealing with the terrorist threat will be led by a man who has been flakey (I am understating the issue) in his views on terrorists and our Country for decades

– our nuclear deterrent will not exist; Mr Putin or indeed the Generals in North Korea will think all their Birthdays have come at once

……So I urge you, no matter how much you are unhappy with the current incumbents and no matter how seductive the “you can all have prizes” temptation feels, do not- repeat do not – let Socialists get back into that cookie jar ……. above all for the sake of your children and your grandchildren your vote has never mattered more.