Is austerity over?

Lord Digby Jones discusses whether austerity is over on the BBC Politics Live show following recent budget announcments by the chancellor.

Rising prices and the cost of living

Lord Digby Jones talks about politics and the cost of living

Tax, education and pensions

Lord Digby Jones with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn to discuss tax, education and pensions.

Current thoughts on the EU Referendum

The immigration issue is, of course, important but whether or not a chap from Latvia gets six grand a year of in-work benefits is surely not what the real issue about EU immigration is about. Read More

Last of Summer

So there I am, sipping my Pimms at a “Last of the Summer” lunchtime party in rural Warwickshire enjoying a glorious early autumnal day Read More

The Business Covenant – Radio 4

The financial crisis of 2008, exorbitant pay deals for bankers and business executives and high energy bills have all contributed to a collapse in the public’s trust of big business.

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Lord Digby Jones Joins Aon

Lord Digby Jones joins Aon, the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services as corporate ambassador.
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