Thank heavens we’re not in the Euro

Mention problems in Euroland and we all indulge (if we can stay awake) in a mixture of “told you so” and “ho ho ho”.
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Pipped At The Post

With all the attention, media and political, finely tuned on Matters Murdoch it is easy to forget another issue of enormous importance for all of us that happened a few days ago. Read More

Shares And Share Alike

So Mr Clegg. Let’s get this right. You’ve had an idea! Dangerous that, you know … look what happened the last time you had one of those … all those students believed you meant no increase in tuition fees Read More

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” …

… goes the saying and I have yet to hear a good enough case, from a beneficial output point of view, to justify creating a wholly or mostly elected House of Lords.
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To AV or not to AV

Once the Royal Nuptials are out of the way (and the very best of luck with much good health and unending happiness to the Happy Couple; our Country is lucky to have them!) and we all get back to work after the longest Easter Break since the Schism, the Nation’s attention will turn to only the second Referendum (in England) ever. What is it to be? A Vote for Change or a Vote for “as you were”?
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At Five to Midnight

Visitors to my website cannot have failed to notice that my first book has just been published! Great excitement in the Jones household … and hopefully a few trains of thought have been set off in the minds of those kind enough to read it.
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My five tips for George…

With all the problems internationally, from Libya to Christchurch, and with the major global pressures on the UK economy, from the sharp rise in fuel and food prices to pressures on Banks and Sovereign Debt,  Read More