Strictly Business

As UK plc splutters its way to the end of another year, Business should be raising a glass to some sterling efforts in some quarters and consigning others to the “nil points” category.
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Banging the Drum for Britain

There is only one way our Country is going to get itself out of our economic mess; we are going to have to trade our way out.
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Brazil: an opportunity we must not ignore

I have just returned from a fascinating visit to Rio and Sao Paulo in what is now the 8th largest economy on Earth; Brazil.
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Open for Business

Time to reflect on two major announcements over the past few days. The public spending review of last week and the quarterly growth figures from this week. Read More

Is Doomsday really upon us?

Turkey is a remarkable place – at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. And, having recently visited the country, Read More

We all need leadership!

When I joined the Confederation of British Industry as its Director-General in January 2000 I was briefed on many things very quickly. Read More

RDA’s or LEP’s?

Just because RDA’s were unnecessary in the South West, South East and East of England doesn’t mean they weren’t both successful and needed in the Midlands and the North. Look at how the closing of Longbridge was dealt with. Look at the brilliant work in the North East and Yorkshire. Why do we always have to have a one size fits all?

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