Back to the Future

Reflecting on the past year, I guess there are some obvious candidates clamouring for “most favoured status”. Mo Farrah, Jessica Ennis, Bradley Wiggins … all deserve accolades. They, and many more from the Olympics and Paralympics, have enriched my memory box forever.
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Act now on the airport issue or get left behind

This is Asia’s Century! The Cities and Countries in the Developed World that show they grasp that fact by their actions Read More

Now is the time to reform the Lords (and the Commons) Mr Clegg. That’s right Mr Cameron … now

It was John Humphrys, in a recent interrogation of some poor, hapless Coalition Government Minister, who asked if 400 more paid, full-time, unsackable politicians was the answer.  What exactly was the question?
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A Miscellany of Contradictions

As I sit here, gazing out at the stair rods making this, “flaming June”, the wettest one on record, I ponder an array of other contradictions facing us all.
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Oh to be a London Estate Agent …

Monsieur Hollande’s election is at least good for one thing; property prices in London! Read More

Come on!

As the Country returns to work (and School … er … Parliament) this morning after Easter, there are a few issues Read More

Cable Should Battle for Business

What Vince Cable is having to do as part of this Government is counterintuitive to his DNA as a man of the Left.
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