It was Demo Alley

As I left the House of Lords the other evening there were no cabs to hail, no cars to dodge. The streets had been cleared of the hatefully declared impedimenta of people going about their lawful business …… to allow other people aka their arrogant accusers to go about their unlawful business.

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Alarm Bells

The Judgement by the Supreme Court on the Proroguing of Parliament has put the Judiciary full-square into political issues. The independence of the UK Judiciary & the Rule of Law is (was??) a cornerstone of British values & has been a great selling point for attracting investment & talent from all over the World.

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Two great battles ahead for Boris

Why the country must get behind Boris Johnson if it wants to avoid tyranny and disaster.

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Well, it’s Groundhog Day!

I stood on the stage in front of the Gathering of the Tory Faithful to welcome them to my home town of Birmingham at the Opening of their Conference last October. With the Prime Minister in the audience and speaking as someone who came with no party tribal baggage (I have never belonged to a political party) I explained that the creation of wealth in Britain (and the consequent jobs and taxes that flow) faces a far greater threat than Brexit.

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Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious

One of the advantages of those few post-prandial days falling after too much New Year’s Eve celebrating and before the cold shower of the first day back at work is that there are a fair few moments when you can take stock and see various issues through an outside lens looking in rather than being in the “up close and personal” position. I guess they call it “objectivity”.

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