Where did all the hate come from… or was it always there?

I witnessed in the Lords the other day one Peer saying how we must all respect democracy whilst the entire House actually had a debate and then an Adjournment to vote on…..whether to adjourn!

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A Traveller’s Tale

It’s early morning at one of the UK’s regional airports; check in has been an irritation for those in the queue but also clearly for two of the check-in staff whose chatting about what they did last night is plainly more important than serving the people who pay their wages.

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“Walking By On The Other Side” Is No Longer An Option

“Walking by on the other side” is no longer an option. We cannot leave dealing with this to others. “Evil only flourishes when good men do nothing” is as accurate today as it was decades ago.

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Apples and Pears

I am writing this on the Eurostar gambolling along at 200 mph under the English Channel heading back to Blighty just after an incredibly revelatory meeting in Brussels in which I was privileged to participate; I am so “full of it” that I am wasting no time in sharing it all with you, It has changed my thinking.

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