So Do The Deal Now EU!

Imagine the scene: a Remoaner or one of the Corbynistas has found in an ad the car that they want on sale at ten grand. So they call the number and say:- “I want the car; I’m offering you less than the ten grand but if you refuse to accept less I won’t walk away; oh, and I don’t want to see the car before I do the deal.” How bonkers is that!

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What part of ‘NO’ do you not understand?

I have just been watching one of those press conferences with David Davies for the UK and Michel Barnier for the EU. I am left, in these early days of September with an immediate choice: do I do irreparable harm to our TV and throw something at it or do I write to you, with my frustrations and annoyance bordering on anger? The latter thankfully won.

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“twas a damn close-run thing”

To steal from Wellington’s Victory Speech after the Battle of Waterloo just over 200 years ago: ” ’twas a damn close-run thing”.

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Kiss goodbye to hundreds of thousands of good (not low-paid) jobs & billions in tax!

Both as Boss of the CBI and then as UK Trade Minister I spent a lot of time overseas, persuading big (and not so big) foreign businesses and governments to invest in our Country, to make money and pay tax in our Country, to create jobs in our Country.

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Your vote has never mattered more

Unless you were, say, fifteen or over in 1979 (so that would make you turning fifty today) you have no idea about what happens to this Country when you let Socialists get their fingers in the cookie jar.

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What a Surprise!

So it’s to be a General Election on 8th June. That woman’s got balls, that’s for sure; and the Nation admires strong, decisive Leadership. Even if some people don’t like it, they respect it ……… and vote for it.

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Whatever happened to the forthright, very public exercise of common sense?

It’s two o’clock in the morning. Kenneth Hugill, an 83 year-old farmer in Wilberfoss, East Yorkshire, whose isolated farm has been plagued by crime, wakes up and hears a car nearby. He gets up, looks out and sees a vehicle approaching without its lights on. So leaving his 78 year old wife Sheila in bed, “straight up, the brave little fella, without a morsel of fear…..” doesn’t take ” ‘is stick with ‘is ‘orse’s ‘ead ‘andle” (with apologies to Stanley Holloway) but his shotgun, and he goes outside.

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