Final Reflections

I settled down to pen a few bon mots last weekend. Some thoughts on the Autumn Statement and the Public Sector Pensions issue Read More

Freedom Isn’t Free

From Trafalgar’s seas to Blenheim’s fields
From Agincourt to Biggin Hill
Our Blood, Our Own, never yields,
They’ve swallowed every bitter pill.
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A New Dawn

It can only be good news that another murdering, tyrannical dictator meets a grisly end pleading for his own life Read More

Go on … you can do it George

So the Tory faithful gather in Manchester this week. In the light of recent developments and events they have a golden opportunity to pull a few levers, press a button or two and show the UK Business Community that they “get it”.
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A Lesson Not Learnt

As the World gets back to work this month, one is left seething with frustration at the seemingly limitless capacity of leaders

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A Game of Two Halves

It’s one minute to go in a very tense Premiership battle towards the end of the season. Top versus bottom. Read More

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

In my line of work I receive a lot of written and spoken reaction to my ideas and views. I reckon “a lot” is far fewer than so many public figures Read More