100 Years ago this Christmas

I am writing these bon mots on Remembrance Sunday; Poppy Day; the Cenotaph; Elgar’s Nimrod; the veterans of many wars; the widows of the veterans of many wars……….and especially poignant given we commemorate this year one hundred years since the outbreak of World War One.
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Lord Jones – Conservative Party Conference

Lord Jones Introductory Speech to the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the Conservative Party Conference 2014.

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Independence from what exactly?

With just over a couple of weeks to go to an event where a small minority of a Nation could well destroy my Country without any participation from the majority Read More

Whoever forms a Government after next year’s General Election, don’t throw it all away!

Everywhere I go around the Country, each business I visit, large & small, the story is the same: Read More

The Vote on Assisted Dying

There are certain issues in our Society of a non-economic or foreign policy nature that conjure up strongly held views for and against Read More

Why does all this matter?

Over the next year, dear reader, we are all going to be subsumed in a psephological delight; Read More

You can stop this appalling situation, Home Secretary

Yet another British subject is about to be badly let down by our Government. Read More