A British perspective on the G20 in Pittsburgh

Back in 1998, in my home town of Birmingham, the then G7 group of major industrialised nations became the G8 as the de facto change that Russia was bringing to global issues was rightly acknowledged.
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Nuclear power to the people

Speaking ahead of his speech at the American Nuclear Society 2009 Utility Working Conference “Back to the Future” in Amelia Island, Florida Read More

You must be mad!

‘YOU must be mad!’ Those were the words of welcome from a very senior civil servant Read More

UK’s Swissed Opportunity

Lord Digby Jones, speaking at a corporate event in Guernsey recently, referred, with considerable alarm, to the decision of McDonalds to move their European HQ from the UK to Switzerland.
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Selfish protectionism is not the way forward

Speaking at a dinner in Birmingham in aid of Sense International helping deaf and blind children in Africa Read More

Digby speaks out for justice

To coincide with the launch of Liberty’s Extradition Watch Lord Digby Jones speaks out on a subject in which he has a passionate belief.
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Brave new thoughts

Massive borrowing by the government may well have helped sort the banking crisis but I wonder if the penny has dropped Read More