Playing the ‘Last Post’

Tens of millions of people in this country, from the small business woman to the pensioner, from the Dad working away from home to keep his job to the unemployed single mum doing everything possible to get back into the world of work Read More

Manufacturing Matters

After some twenty years as a business lawyer in Birmingham, acting for so many companies in the industrial heartland of the Nation Read More

Export Development Strategy has never been more important for businesses

Speaking at HSBC’s International Business Question Time in Birmingham Read More

NHS spending cuts are achievable without loss of front line services

Speaking at the ASSIST conference in Scotland Lord Digby Jones called for a fundamental change in the way that public services are delivered Read More

Sarkozy can’t ignore wealth creation

So President Sarkozy feels that we should all judge national performance using wider and more “social progress” attuned criteria does he? Read More

A British perspective on the G20 in Pittsburgh

Back in 1998, in my home town of Birmingham, the then G7 group of major industrialised nations became the G8 as the de facto change that Russia was bringing to global issues was rightly acknowledged.
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Nuclear power to the people

Speaking ahead of his speech at the American Nuclear Society 2009 Utility Working Conference “Back to the Future” in Amelia Island, Florida Read More