“I understand your concerns but…………”

There are few sights more likely to stoke up the feeling amongst the UK Electorate that they “have had enough”, that they “are being ignored”, that “no-one understands nor cares” Read More

The Art of Winning

I am writing this in the warm glow of a gorgeous Summer’s evening, on the terrace at home looking down a lush green garden (a lot of rain in May saw to that!) with a glass of cool, golden Thatcher’s Cider to hand; Read More

Why I am Voting to Leave the EU

There are 56 words in the Lords Prayer. The Ten Commandments took 297 words to encapsulate a Code for Life. The Founding Fathers of the USA took 1300 words to write The Declaration of Independence.

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Oh for ten engineers to fall out of the sky like manna from heaven!

Along with thousands of businesses in the UK, small and large, one of the companies I chair can’t get enough skilled people. Oh for ten engineers to fall out of the sky like manna from heaven!
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Off with their heads!

If you wanted to open a savings account in Tokyo with 1,000 yen in it today – no risk, just a deposit – you might be startled at your return. In a year, they would give you back 998 yen: less than what you started with.
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“A kinder, more gentle type of politics”

It was a wintry evening in North Wales; I was speaking at a Rotary Dinner. The type of venue and audience profile with whom I have shared ideas and thoughts a thousand times over the years. I am pleased that what I have to say tends to stimulate a reaction, positive and negative. Many folk approach me afterwards with their view on where they agree or disagree with me. This particular November evening was no different.
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Confidence….by the bucket load!

It’s a recipe for confidence: Read More